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High quality content and professional live-streaming from Debra’s fully-equipped studio.

Highly Interactive and Bespoke Virtual Events For Your Team

Having made over 40 programmes for the BBC, Debra has a wealth of experience to draw on when it comes to presenting to camera. Debra’s style is animated and engaging and her professionally equipped studio ensures that you get a top-quality livestream for your virtual event. Even before COVID-19 struck, Debra had worked on many webinar and virtual conference platforms and so knows how to get the best out of them.

Interactivity is key to keeping viewer engagement, so Debra fully utilises audience participation through the screen annotation, chat box, non-verbal buttons, breakout rooms, music, video, Q&A and poll features. Debra truly believes that virtual is not the poor cousin to live events, but an opportunity to engage individuals in a direct and personable way.

Virtual Showreel

Debra's TEDx

Debra Searle - Virtual Platform

Virtual Platform

Debra can host on our own Zoom account or use your company’s virtual meeting platform.

Debra Searle - Highly Interactive

Highly Interactive

Engaging activities every 6-8 minutes, including screen annotation, Q&A, polls, video and more.

Debra Searle - Practical and Positive

Practical and Positive

Your team will leave with tried and tested tools that help to build resilience and productivity.

Debra Searle - Professional Studio

Professional Studio

Studio lighting, HD camera, a choice of backdrops and professional microphones ensure quality live-streaming.

Debra Searle - Virtual Speech Topics

Virtual Speech Topics

As we all face the challenge of working and staying mentally and physically healthy during a pandemic, Debra has the ultimate experience to share when talking of resilience. She can speak passionately about sticking doggedly to meeting goals, against all the odds. When Debra talks about how to stay positive and productive, even during the most challenging of times, you can be assured that she speaks with total authority from personal experience. Popular virtual talks include:

  • How To Boost Positivity And Productivity During Times Of Adversity
  • How To Thrive While Working From Home
  • Resilience Toolkit For Busy Professionals
  • Building relationships and re-connecting in a post Covid environment
  • Choose Your Attitude: It’s Not Magic, It’s Mindset


+ How does Debra keep people engaged?

+ What is the quality like?

+ What technology does my organisation need?

+ Is the content always the same?

+ Are virtual events as good as 'real life' events?

+ How much does a virtual event cost?

+ What if the tech goes wrong?


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“Debra was so great and I love her enthusiasm. She's an amazing virtual speaker - her camera framing and way of articulating and using her non-verbal were some of the best I have seen.”

Debra Searle - Alexion logo

“Debra's Zoom call was so inspiring and she gave us such a great perspective. I must say that Debra's also a Zoom guru! It was so interactive, and she captivated all of us during the whole call.”

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“Thank you for an absolutely outstanding talk. I will always remember the takeaways from it and will highly recommend you to colleagues and friends.”

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Debra Searle MVO, MBE shot to fame after rowing the Atlantic solo.

As a sought after motivational speaker and author, she has spoken at 1,000 events in 40+ countries.

She has founded five companies and presented over 40 programmes for the BBC.